Here’s a full detailed page about how to buy votes at, because some customers may find it really confusing on how this service works. We’re working daily on improving this.

What websites would you like to buy

The first question is, what websites would you like to buy? By knowing this, it is a much easier time to add votes to your cart. Don’t you know the websites? Then I would suggest to immediately browse to the: “Buy votes” link.

Step 1. View all the sites that are available

By clicking the input field at the landing page you will see all the available toplists on

By clicking on this input field, all websites that are available will show.

Now that you know all the sites that are available, click on these sites and fill in an amount you want to buy, right from the input field.

The website is supported by us, hurray!

The next step would be to add this website with the filled-in amount of votes to your cart. Do this by clicking: “Add to cart

2. My website is not added what now?

When you fill in a website that is not supported, you can let us know immediately by clicking the ‘Suggest this toplist‘ button.

By clicking suggest this toplist, it will immediately alert the developers to add the website and if possible, added within 24 hours.

We can also let you know when it’s finished. Do this by filling in your e-mail address that pop ups after you click ‘Suggest this toplist’

We can e-mail you once it’s added to our website

3. View your cart

View your cart by clicking the ‘View cart’ button. Once you’ve clicked this button, you will be directed to the bottom of the page.

At the bottom of the page, you can also edit the amount of votes you want for the website,

Everything filled in correctly? The amount are filled in and the pricing is correct? Then click ‘Next step in order’. To see this button, you must be logged in and have an account on our website.

4. Filling in your servers details

The next step would by clicking the ‘Next step in order button’, here you can several variables:

You can set all kinds of details about your order.

Here are the following details you must fill in:

Where the captcha is located is the correct webpage URL.
  • The votes per hour: this will tell you the votes per hour that will be sent to the toplist. This may not be accurate when filling in higher numbers, because there’s a maximum of threads per order set in place. When a new try is done every 7.000 milliseconds and 2 threads are already open when 2 threads is the max, it will not open another one. This causes delay in voting is and there set in place to have enough CPU power for all the orders.
  • The starting date: the starting date is when the votes will start with your order. This can NOT be changed.
Then you may choose a payment method.

Once everything is set, click on ‘Next step’. This will bring you 2 options, to pay with paypal or tokens or to have a recurring payment on that order.

Once you’ve paid, the order will automatically appear in your user panel.

5. See your order

You may now see the order in your user panel running.

There are other posts in this wiki to how to edit and maintain your orders.

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