Hi there, Pim again. The owner and developer of Toplistbot.com. I would like to share a story with you readers, our history of setting up Toplistbot.com, the site where you can buy votes for Xtremetop100, Runelocus, Top100arena, Arenatop100, Minecraft and much much more websites.

Where did it all start?

It all started about more than a year ago. I had written several applications already in Java and that was quite amazing. To write something from scratch all by yourself. That’s not what many people can say. But how did I get this idea to make a website like this? That is because I owned a private server myself, called Salusscape and OS-War and had a really hard time to get players to my server. I thought about getting more players. That’s where the idea started. It was easy to get new players by getting higher on a certain Toplist, for example, RuneLocus.com or Xtremetop100.com.

All I was looking for was more players to player on my server to hang out and have fun.

What is a toplist?

A toplist is a place where you can add your own private server for people to vote on. When you vote on a certain listing on that list, you will get higher on that toplist. Meaning you get more traffic to your website, and more traffic on your website leads to more players in your game.

How I sucked at solving problems?

At that time, I didn’t know anything about starting something up. Something that users would use. I just made a program for myself to get a head start at the beginning of the month. And you know what, it somehow worked. You had to buy a lot of proxies that were stable, because you had to load a webpage in a browser. That’s how my program worked, it would be most secure when you load it in a browser right? But that takes a lot of data, loading images, loading stylesheets. That’s how it worked.

Then I thought about how other could use this program as well to increase their positions on toplists, how great huh? Well it didn’t work out that well. It was online and running, people were signing up, but almost no one was using it, because it was really buggy. That time I learned how hard it is to write software that operates well on all operating systems and that has no bugs. But also, for myself, it didnt work half of the time. That’s when I learned that I really suck at solving problems. But you know what, you learn with every mistake.

“That’s when I learned that I really suck at solving problems. But you know what, you learn with every mistake”

Solve a problem

The key thing people usually don’t understand is that you have to solve a problem for an audience, otherwise you have no target set. Who is your customer? That’s how I learned that you have to know your customer. Your customer doesn’t want to buy 1000 proxies to get half of the votes working. Your customer doesn’t want to create accounts on 10 different websites to get your program working.

Your customer doesn’t want to buy 1000 proxies to get half of the votes working

That’s when I learned that there must be an easier solution to this problem. My initial idea was to create a web panel, where someone buys some votes and gets them automatically added to their listing, but without any control on the votes itself.

That’s when I learned that my customer, also wants to pause votes whenever they want, they want to change the speed of the votes whenever they want. They want to be in control of the votes.

They want to be in control of the votes

That’s how you solve problems. First make a MVP (Minimal viable product), then see if people actually are interested in your product. once you found out that people are, then you can continue develop your ideas. And most importantly, listen to your customers how they interact with your design and UX choices.

Listen to your customers


Yea it is awesome. My first newsletter was about celebrating hitting 2.000 votes. I was really happy that people were using my service and found it useful! If you look back at it, 2.000 votes was not alot, but it was a confirmation that people found this service useful and that people actually use it to solve their problems. Now we’re at more than 2 million votes!

That’s how it all started. Thanks for reading. If you want to get a better result monhtly in votes, you may try out our service for free with 10 trial votes! You can set your own speed, pause it, continue it, change your budget between orders and much more. You’re in control after all.

You can use our service to buy from multiple toplists, around 70 at the time of writing. These are some of the websites we support, to:

  • Buy Xtremetop100 votes
  • Buy TopG votes
  • Buy Rsps-list votes
  • Buy Top100arena votes
  • Buy Planetminecraft votes
  • Buy Minecraft-servers.org votes
  • Buy Moparscape votes
  • Buy Gtop100 votes

Thank you,


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