The frequently asked questions about the Top List Bot & Terms of service

You may find the frequently asked questions here & our terms of service

Frequently asked questions (Faq)

You dont need to install the application, you just need to download the launcher.jar and launch this via Java.

The program will automatically check if the version you currently have is the latest or not

If you require help opening the .jar application, you may always contact us

Yes, please make a ticket and we will help you as soon as possible, even unpaid users.

Even better is to use our new live chat system, you may get in touch with us in a few seconds to get your questions answered!

It's currently possible to have as many changes on one account. But you can't use it at the same time.

Sure, we currently support the websites that are listed on the main page. If you want a specific website, please let us know via our ticket system or our live chat!

No, there's no limitation on our application, you may send as many votes as you'd like.

Some websites are hunting voting though, be careful and spread all your votes during a few days, so you won't get caught

We emulate the browser completely safe with Chrome, this is the worlds most used browser

Terms of service


You are responsible for all the accounts and passwords that you use to use our service or any other activities under your password, this doesn't matter if your password is within our service or yours

You agree to not share your password with any other third party, you must notify us immediately upon becoming aware of a security branch or any other unauthorized access of your account

You may not use any copyrighted names that is lawfully not yours.

Digital products

We do not offer any refunds for digital products on the order has been submitted

We recommend to use our ticket system and assistance if you experience any issues with downloading or installing our products

By buying our product, you agree that there will be no refunds under any circumstances, because of the digital nature of our product

By submitting any payment, you agree that you will not dispute, ask for a (partial) refund.

If you do not agree to any of these terms, please do not submit any payment


About is a premier Top Sites Voting service. We are striving to be one of the most successfull top voting business in the market. We have created a system that's both easy, fair and easy to use. We have a very low price compared to other websites and a 24/7 support team. We will help you get to the top!

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